Avocado its creamy, rich, velvety texture and mild flavor

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The popularity of this avocado is down to its creamy, rich, velvety texture and mild flavour . The avocado or Persea  Americana is a fruit that belongs to the family of Lauraceae ; a team which also includes members like cinnamon and laurel. There are dozens of different varieties of avocado varying in size, colour and texture. All are native to tropical climates and when chosen, the flesh softens into a buttery texture that has become extremely popular in all from toast toppings to desserts.

Different types

The Hass and Fuerte avocados are the two main types sold in the united kingdom. The Hass avocado comes out of Guatemala and has a dark purple/brown, pebbled, slightly rough, thicker skin. It comprises less oil, which makes it less creamy. The thin skin of the Fuerte is less robust and so often selected under lightly to prevent becoming damaged in transportation. Consequently Fuerte avocados take longer to ripen — and occasionally do not — thus Hass avocados are usually the better bet.


Avocados are native to Central and South America and didn’t appear in the UK before the mid-1900s. They are now commercially produced in the United States, Caribbean, Mexico, Brazil, Israel and Australia. Sadly the climate restricts avocados within the UK.


Nutritional highlights

Avocados are an excellent source of monounsaturated fat and vitamin E. However, avocados are high in crabs because of the high fat content. Half an avocado counts as 1 portion of your 5-a day and people managing their weight might want to think about limiting the amount of avocados they eat to two a week while raising the portions of additional reduced calorie fruits and veggies.Avocados have more soluble fiber compared to other fruit and comprise a number of useful minerals such as iron, copper and potassium and are a fantastic source of the B vitamin.


Health benefits

The guidance around the kinds of fat people should be consuming to get a wholesome diet is ever changing. Presently, it’s advised that we choose unsaturated fats such as monounsaturated fat (like that found in avocados) since they’re supposedly better for heart health than saturated fat.

Research indicates that monounsaturated fat helps protect against cardiovascular disease and lowers blood pressure. The oils provided by means of an avocado contain oleic acid and linoleic acid and are therefore recommended as part of a balanced diet to avoid high cholesterol.

There is no doubt that the calorie content of avocados is significantly greater than other vegetables and fruits. 1 small study has shown the fat content of avocados can lead to feelings of satiety which can help with appetite regulation.

However, as research has grown, the avocado has been commended as a fantastic illustration of a nutrient dense food. Alongside the advantages outlined above, they are a rich supply of antioxidant vitamin E, and a bunch of carotenes that are considered to keep the eyes healthy.


How to pick and shop

Avocados are best eaten when they are perfectly ripe. When ripe, avocados should feel slightly soft once you apply any pressure.

A firm avocado will ripen in a paper bag over a couple of days or by placing them alongside a banana from the fruit bowl. Avocados shouldn’t be put in the fridge until they are ripe. Once opened, it is possible to squeeze lemon juice onto the flesh to protect it from browning.

Steer clear of those that are overripe using brown, fibrous flesh as it will taste bitter and mushy and is still a symptom of rust.


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